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List of all past nominated fics - #1

Updated as of January 10, 2013:

????? (yes, that's the name of the story) by kellychambliss
A Birthday Surprise by bookwormergirl
A Bit o' Magic by lash_larue
A Bit 'o Posh by purplefluffycat
A Bit Unhealthy by Anna Fugazzi
A Certain Step by darkrivertempest
A Change of Plans by squibstress
A Child That Knows Poems By Heart by pauraque
A Choice You Have To Make (Pansy Parkinson's Guide To Getting Revenge On That Cheating Bastard) by leigh_adams
A Cliff In July by miss_morland
A Deft Hand At Charms by Jenwryn
A Destiny In Time by Gmariam
A Dictionary of Silence by woldy
A Dream Carved In Stone by diadelphous
A Dream of Waking by eidheann_writes
A Familiar Place by AnneM.Oliver
A Feather In One's Cap by featherxquill
A Final Goodbye by mihnn
A Frustrated Irishman by Romantic Silence
A Girl Can Dream by geneva2010
A Hogwarts Whodunit by Looney-1995
A Last Summer by pretty_panther/panthe
A Life Less Ordinary by xylodemon
A Long Time Ago by writcraft
A Long Time Coming by carrie_leigh
A Long, Vernal Season by mmadfa
A Look Into the Future by Amy Lee Loves Evanescenc
A Man of Worldly Knowledge and Impeccable Taste by tamlane
A Murder by starcrossedgirl
A Necessity by anoesis
A Need For Warmth by leela_cat
A New Beginning by Ms-Figg
A Night of Experimentation by slytherinjunki
A Night to Remember by torino10154
A Perfect Match by eevilalice
A Performance Agreed Upon by secretsalex
A Petty Argument by teshara
A Piercing Comfort by talithan
A Pound of Flesh by Pennilyn_Novus
A Prewett Always Pays Her Debts by therealsnape
A Puzzle to Keep Working On by songquake
A Slant-Told Tale by squibstress
A Snowball's Chance by sheankelor
A Song, Incomplete by rurounihime
A Story of Warnings and the Ignoring Thereof by therealsnap
A Story of Warnings and the Ignoring Thereof by therealsnape
A Touch of Genius by a_merry_chase
A Tragedy In One Act by dexstarr
A Very Bad Thing Indeed by lash_larue
A Very Merry Christmas by MiHnn
A Walking Shadow by Ariadne AWS
A War of Words by gin_again
A Well Bred Warlock: A Guide to Wooing, Courting and Every Day Behavior for the Pureblood Wizard by selmak
A Whole New You by kitty_fic
A Wonderful Life by writcraft
Adagio by sable_tyger
Adamantine by woldy
Adam's Rib by rhye
After Hours at the Ministry of Magic by birdsofshore
All I Desire by DawnEB
All Life Is Yours To Miss by saras_girl
All Narrow Jealousies by marseverlasting
All Natural by alisanne
All Our Times Have Come by gypsy_flame
All Shadows Pass  Away by sixpence_jones
All the Words by samvimes
Almost by grlwithapen
Alone and Palely Loitering by squibstress
Alone in Company by pretty_panther
Alpha & Omega by SailorSilvanesti
Always A Woman by samvimes
Always by DrinkingAlcoholicRainbows
Always by tryslora
Amazing Grace by RZZMG
An Affinity for Dangerous Creatures by anguis_
An Idiot's Guide to Crossing the Road by who_la_hoop
An Illustrated Guide to Torturing House-Elves by captainraychill
An Inestimable Blessing and a Bother by strawberry_kai
An Occlument Heart by BeautifulYes
An Unexpected Gift by bethbethbeth
And I'll Take None of the Rest by sassy_cat
And It Could Be Me, And It Could Be Thee by wemyss
And the Bible Didn't Mention Us (Not Even Once) by flyingharmony
And Then There Were Three by scarysnape
And We All Fall Down by rumaa
Anguilliform by gmth
Anima Mea by proulxes
Another Day in the Sun by rewrites24
Anthem of the Trio by Stardust of Orion
Appetizers by aurette
Arachne by RZZMG
Arithmantic Equations as a Second Language by absolute_tash
Arrested Development by enchantedteapot
As You Say by Lash_Larue
Ashes by magic_knicker
At The Edge of the Crossroads and Leaning by traintracks
At Your Service by faithwood
Aurelian by BittyBlueEyes
Baby Makes Three by Baby Boomer
Baby Steps by torino10154
Bathing in Sunbeams by bluemermaid/brightflower
Beautiful Magic, Tragic Love by elle_blessing
Beautiful Thing by RZZMG
Becoming Mrs. Malfoy by Rumaan
beneath the stars at night by tosca1390
Benefaction by slytherinprincess
Better in the Dark by traintracks
Better Than Nothing by bluemermaid/brightflower
Bitter Going Down by dueltastic
Black Abyss by Sunflower
Black Moon by Julie Fortune
Blissful Ignorance by enchantedteapot
Blitz by lady_rhian
Blood Will Out by Unseenlibrarian/unseen_1969
Bloody ShangriLa by jamesthestagwhore
Bound and Shagged by mundungus42
Boy's Club by RZZMG
Breathe by RZZMG
brighter than sunshine by Blake0Tyler
Broken by inadaze22
Broken by MajiKat
Brooding on a Broom by themissinglink
Bruises by mihnn
Bublethwacker, Broken Nose and the Wizard's Finger by fluffyllama
Budge Over by drcjsnider
Build With Me a Thousand Memories by crazyparakis
Burning the Ground by traintracks (Rated: NC-17)
Burnt Toast by Bex-chan
Bus Stop by Marmalade Fever
By the Book by scrace
By The Numbers by mindabbles
Can't Buy Me Love by albalark
Can't Forget the Things You Never Said by Sunflower
Caring Is Creepy by Josephinee
Carpe Diem by therealsnape
Casual Sex by mihnn
Casual Sex by mihnn
Catch and Release by roozette
Catch My Fall by Lire_Casander
Celestial Navigation by phloxness/phlox
Center of Attention by thusspakekate
Change of Heart by ragdoll
Chaos Is Come Again by theatresm
Chasing the Dragon by rivertempest
Chasing the Sun by loten
Checking Impatience by mihnn
Children of the Future by alohamora080
Cho Chang and the Jasmine Code by xenokattz
Choices of the Heart by naadi
Choices of the Heart by naadi
Choose Well by uniquepov
Choosing the Wizard by albalar
Christmas in Black and White by slightlysmall
Christmas: Sirius' Christmas by keria1123
Chrononauts by annafugazzi
Cicatrices by khasel
Circumstances of a Small and Accidental Nature by Dueltastic
Clever Girl by ldymusyc/Musyc
Cliche by Alexis.Danaan
Closer to God by queenie_mab
Cocktail Time by therealsnape
Collide by RZZMG
Colour to a Sunset Sky by writcraft
Come Back to Me by purplefluffycat
Come Now, and Let Me Dream it Truth by insuladraconis
Come Out With Me by SleepyPadfoot
Comme Un Reve de Pierre by squibstress
Competing Business by laurielove
Compromises by phantomlistener
Conatus by Lumos Nox
Conducting Business by masteroftroubl
Consequences of Truth by altri_uccell
Coping by alley_skywalker
Corruption by C.Queen
Cunning Linguists by magnetic_pole
Danse Macabre, or: Learing to Light a Fire by karelia
Dark Chocolate by mister_otter
Day of the Strawberry Jam by imaginary_golux
Days of Cats and Cabbages by smallbrownfrog
Dear Father Christmas (The Boy Done Wrong Again) by thusspakekate
Death's Dominion by MMADfan
Defender's Armor by lomonaaeren
Delerium by ClairBear1982
Delicate by padfoot4-ever
Delightful Blackmail by Duco Lacuna
Denouement by abrae
Der Struwwelpotter by owlbait
Derailing Draco by Unseenlibrarian/unseen_1969
Describe Me Now by Everafterjunkie
Desperate But Not Sirius (or I Wanna Be Your Dog) by ragdoll
Detonation by schemingreader
Deus ex Coemeterium - A Tale of Christmas Eve by apAidan
Diana by bleedingangel84
Dirty Little Secret by JustAudrey07
Dirty Little Secret by sesheta_66
Disconnect by calrissian1
Disinherited by emilywaters76
Divide of Time by Anubis Ankh
Do This In Remembrance by tryslor
Doctor Doctor (Is This Love I'm Feeling?) by khasael
Dolores on the Dotted Line by donnaimmaculata
Double Trouble by vix_spe
double-edged by penny_lane_4
Drabble Day Drabbles: Getting Ready by kinky_kneazle
Draco Malfoy and the Accidental Armchair by pervyunitwins
Draco's Scoop by ashiiblac
Dramione Drabbles: Yule by RZZMG
Drawing Him Back by enchanted_jae
Drawing the Line by chokolattejedi
Dreaming Out Loud by Summer4Girl
Drink All These Dead Souls by zagzagael
Driving Draco by scarlettcat
Dull as Dirt, Brilliant as the Stars by anguis_1
Eat The Sorrow, Lick The Spark by wantsunicorns
Echo by seraphimerising
Echo of a War by mijan
Eight Months in Stockholm by tychesong
Eighth by lorien829
Elegance by imaginary_golux
Emeralds and Pearls by Let'sFallInLove
Empty by ultrasonicbop
Enemies With Benefits by 0idontknow0
English Delight by torino10154
Epithalamium by squibstress
Eros & Psyche by RZZMG
Escape Routes for a Stormy Night by woldy
Escape With Me, Into A Fantasy by flipflop_diva
Evan Ames Rises Up by florahart
Every Fifteen Seconds by bsmog
Every Trick In The Book by patron
Evil Geniuses by mister_otter
Eyes Open by atdelphi
Eyes Open by DayMetTheNight
Facing Eastward by Phloxness
Failed Orders by imera
Fair Weather From the North by dickgloucester
Fairy GodHermione by cybrokat
Familial Predilictions by mab
Father to the Man by Delphi
Fifth House by _ky
Fifty Shades of Truth by starcrossedgirl
Fifty Shades of Turkey by toblass
Fingers by yeaka
Fire and Ice by marie_daniels
Fire Burning by tryslora
Fire by RZZMG
Fireworks by of_anoesis
Five Phases of Fatherhood by Ralinde
Five Ways It Might Have Started (But They're Not Telling) by dueltastic
Fixation by lunarblair
Flickering Flames by Akashathekitty
Fly By Night by twisting_vine_x
Flying by torino10154
Foibles, Fancies & Feasabilities by odogoddes
Follow Your Inner Moonlight by on rooftops
Fool For A Lady by rivertempest
For Better Or Worse by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
For Her Favor by captainraychill
For Her Sake by gamma_x_orionis
For Reasons Unknown by secretlypadfoot
For The World Has Passed Away by bunney
Forest of Dean by onlyou
Fostering Witch-Muggle Understanding by slytherite
Founder's Story by Pyttan
Four Girls Sirius Black Could Have Fallen In Love With (And One He Did) by isis_uf
Four Seasons by cloverlover & Your_best_enemy (co-authors)
Four Things Lucius Should Not Have Said (And One Thing He Should Have Said But Didn't) by WhatWldMrsWeasleyDo
Frater Contemno, Frater Diligo by lash_larue
Frogs Are Gross by loki charms
Future Parents Program by Avari20
Games People Play (In the Middle of the Night) by ragdoll
Getting Past Broken by tychesong
Ghost of a Rose by gamma_x_orionis
Ghosts Lie Between Us by tryslora
Gin A Body Meet A Body by squibstress
Ginny Doesn't Know by GrrHatLet
Give Me A Quiet Mind by calrissian18
Give Me the World by secretsalex
Giving In by MiHnn
Glitter Disco Hot Mess by acciosalmon
Go Bang: Trivial Pursuit by cluegirl
Gold Tinted Spectacles by beren/Didi
Good Girl by dexstarr
Good Vibrations by Gamma_Orionis
Got It So Good by blissed_bess
Graveyard Valentine by Bex-chan
Half-Term Saturday by The Real Snape
Hard Candy by Cluegirl
Hard to Accept by drarryxlover
Harry Potter and Godric's Graveyard by pinkpenguinpart
Harry Potter and the Omniscient by Argetlam22
Harry Winchester by Magster1102
He Loved Her First by mysticrox123
He Never Smiles by sazari
Heart Full of Black by M3535
Hearts Obsession by imera
Heat by mmadfan
Heavy Lies the Crown by luckei1/floorcoaster
Heavy Loses, New Beginnings by LoveBugOC
Her Lips Were Sweet by gamma_x_orionis
Here's No Great Matter by tamlane
Here's the Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout
Hermione's Favourite Gift by TycheSong
Higher Places by miss_morland
Highland Fling by picascribit
His Child, His Dreams by mihnn
His Muggle-Born Witch by Fizzabella
Hopeless by kellychambliss
How Hard Could It Be? by snapefan520
How Hermione Granger and AOL Got Umbridge Sacked by apAidan
How We Imagined Light by atalanta84/horcruxnumber8
However We Know the Landscape of Love by Progenitus
Howling In The Wind by calrissian18
Hunting the Unicorn by therealsnape
I Love You by curlee_cue
I Never Wanted Anything From You, Except Everything You Had by yerawizard
I Want The Hard Centre, Not The Chocolatey Shell by lokifa
I Wouldn't Even Known What to Title This by Zombie Reine
If I'm Louder Would You See Me? by kjmom1
In Another Life by peskywhistpaw
In Captivity by fluffyllama
In Death's Dream Kingdom by kedavranox
In Infinite Remorse of Soul by perverse_idyll
In Pieces by dysonrules
In The Middle by sdkshelly/sdk
In The Name of Black by heartsn'minds
In the Sanctuary of His Eyes by asecretchord
In the Space Already Full by traintracks
In The Style of a Lover by purplefluffycat
In This Valley of Dying Stars by fiery_flamingo
In Which Scorpius Malfoy Shames The Family Name, And Nobody Really Cares (Least Of All Him) by ojuz
Inconspicuous Much? by MiHnn
Inferi of London by silvernatasha
Insatiable by rewrites24
Into the Silence by lyras
Into the Woods by Bedelia
Invisible by phoenixstrike1
Involved by digthewriter
Irradiance by melusinahp
Isolation by Bex-chan
It came upon a midnight clear by shiv5468
It Was Humiliating by vesperaer
It's All Uncharted by redhead414
It's Elemental, My Dear Granger by savine_snape
It's Just a Little Bit of History Repeating by lazydazyfics
Je m'abandonne by asecretchord
Just A Word by Saucie
Just My Luck (or The Three Times Draco Malfoy Used Felix Felices and the One Time He Didn't) by sksdwrld
Just One by yeaka
Just To Be by Amarti
Just Wrap Me Up in Chains by tryslora
Kiss, With Tongue by tamlane
Knobs and Turners by alexcaster
Knock, Breathe, Shine, and Seek to Mend by traintracks
La Cerise: The Sweetest Cherry by RZZMG
Lacrimosa in the Tesco Coffee Aisle by gingertart50
Law of Love by GraceAbbene
Lay Me Low by teddyradiator
Le Songe by carmentakoshi
Leaf By Leaf by atdelphi
Leaning Slightly to the Left by The Steppy One
Left Ringing In My Ears by openended
Lemon Squeezy by teddyradiato
Les Enfants Terribles by thusspakekate
Let Me Fall by vampira6
Let Me Have You and I'll Let You Save Me by frayach
Let's Go to Bed by atdelph
Let's Put Those Years Behind Us by scarysnape
Letting Go by irishredlass
Liaison by mihnn
Liar, Liar (long-version) by RZZMG
Life Spirits Reborn by don_bski
Light In The Walls by themaohour
Lightning Strike by lady_rhian
Liminal by cybrokat
Limited Exposure by sunny33
Liquorice Snaps: A Most Distquieting Tea by cluegirl
Little Moments by leontinabowie
Little White Lie by themessrs
Live, Love, and the Headmistress by kellychambliss
Long Hours of Constant Darkness by Kinky_Kneazle
Lost and Found by anuna
Lost In Translation by fiery_flamingo
Love by reetinkerbell
Love is a Battlefield by lash_larue
Love Me Forever and Always by mihnn
Love, or How it Leaves by kerplankia
Lycanthropy by KitKat-Pyrophobia
Madam Malkin Calls It A Day by Tetleythesecond
Madness: it's Subjective by callistana
Making a Memory by mmadfan
Making Malfoy by phoenix_fancie
Making Me Love You by kci47
Marked In Indelible Ink by the_minx_17
Masquerade by pauraque
May Second by HedwigBlack
Meant For a Malfoy by Kinky_Kneazle
Meet Me In The Red Room by leigh_adams
Miles to Go Before I Sleep by Pale Moonlite
Miss Grubbly-Plank Finds Herself by kellychambliss
Missed Connections by Unseenlibrarian/unseen_1969
Momentum by Children of the Shadows
More Than This by sarae_okelani
Mostly Harmless by emilywaters1976
Mr Maybe by firebirdflame
Muscle Men by snegurochka_lee
Must I Go On by bdg_thrifty
My Devotion by WrittenAnonymous
My Ruin by RZZMG
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