HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

General Information


This awards fest only recognizes FANFICTION. We do not consider fanart, fanmixes, or podcasts for this event. This is a written-word only award event.

This awards fest is a semi-annual event, meaning there are two contests throughout the year:

Spring & Summer Round = runs from April-July

Fall & Winter Round = runs from October-December

Fans of "Harry Potter" nominate their favorite fanfictions that meet the Rules & Timeline criteria during each Round. Fans then vote on the nominated stories. The top three stories with the most points at the end of the designated Voting Period (or in the case of ties, however many fics that may be) are awarded special banners and get all bragging rights. 

All nominated stories go into our HALL OF FAME (a.k.a. The List of All Past Nominated Fics).

Stories will be listed on the site for voting by STORY NAME, in alphabetical order, to keep things as fair as possible.

Be aware of the story rating before clicking links, as we will not be providing any other warnings. A general understanding of ratings is as follows (compiled from several fanfiction sites across the net to give you a basic understanding):
  • G (K) – Only safe for general audiences over the age of 5 years. These submissions do not contain any adult themes such as violence, profanity, and/or sexual content.
  • PG (K+, PT) – Only safe for audiences over the age of 10 years. These submissions may contain minimal profanity, and minor action violence without serious injury. These submissions may not contain descriptive violence, descriptive language for sexual body parts, implicit or explicit sex scenes, or profanity that involves the "F-word".
  • PG-13 (T) – Only safe for audiences over the age of 13 years. These submissions may contain some non-graphic violence, minor suggestive adult themes (kissing, witnessing someone drinking/smoking/doing drugs, death), minor descriptive language for sexual body parts, and minor profanity (the “F-word” can only appear once, if allowed at all).
  • PG-15 (MT) – Only safe for audiences over the age of 15 years. These submissions may contain moderate, non-graphic violence, medium suggestive adult themes (witnessing someone having sex, experimenting for first time with smoking/alcohol, light making out/snogging), and moderate profanity (the “F-word” may appear a total of five times, if at all).
  • R (M) – Only safe for audiences over the age of 16 years. These submissions may contain graphic violence (medium descriptive injury, death scenes), implicit sex scenes, suggestive adult themes (smoking, alcohol drinking, drug use), and profanity.
  • NC-17 (MA) – Only safe for audiences over the age of 18 years. These submissions may contain explicitly graphic violence (including gore), explicit sex scenes (anything goes), and explicit profanity (anything goes).


Fanfics linked to from this site range in rating from general audience (G or K) to adult-only audience (NC-17, or MA), and are based on the Ratings System of the sites that house them. The HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards has no control over such third-party Rating Systems, and are not responsible for the choice of ratings that the individual authors indicate for their stories.

As a participant of this awards ceremony, you agree that you are at least eighteen years of age at the time the voting begins for each Round that you will be participating in, and that you nominate, read, and vote for the stories linked from here at your own risk. We take absolutely no responsibility for your level of truthfulness and honesty, or for the consequences of any deceit you may practice in regards to LiveJournal’s and this ceremony’s rules. Please act with all maturity and sensibility. That’s all we ask.

Awards consist of banners. We aren’t a for-profit group – just a bunch of fans wanting to recognize other fans for being so wonderful – and so this is the best we can offer. We hope you’ll like them!

NOMINATED AUTHORS:You are encouraged to share the wonderful news about your nominations to friends, family, on your blog, Twitter/Tumblr account, through text messages, etc. Feel free to post one of our pimping banners, too, if you wish. Just remember to please link to th Rules & Timeline FAQ page, so when the time to vote comes, your fans will be able to participate in the voting period!