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List of all past nominated fics - #2

Natural Law by squibstress
Need by featherxquil
Needs Must by scarletladyy
Neighbours by Leliha
Neither Stone nor Iron by amorette
Never Alone by ShinigamiPhoenix
Never Gone by shattered petal
Never Let Me Go by Zeehanahara
Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon by Beeezie
New Beginnings by chatefable
Next of Kin by ApollinaV and mischievous_t
Nice Shoes, Sweetheart by tamlane
Nightmare in Pink Sequins by Pennafana
No cure by ShinigamiPhoenix
No Dominion Greater by rivertempest
No Mere Mortal by miss_morland
No Sign of Love by asecretchord
Nobody's Business by miss_morlan
Nocturne by Tarpeia
Normal by Gwynthe
Not a Kiss Nor Look Be Lost by escribo
Not Precisely Friends by lash_larue
Not What I Expected by Blossomdreams
Not Worthy by mistress_ashley
Not Your Average Love Story by gehayi
Notebooks and Letters by chem prof
Nothing Like by odogoddess
Nothing More by teenage_hustler
Nothing You Don't Want by miss_morland
Odin's Day by Delphi
Of Cinema and Sticky Notes by bluepeony
Of gift horses and mouths by ningloreth
Of Hearts and Heroes by emmilyne
Of Rippling Muscles and Taut Buttocks by savvyshka
Ogden's Finest Effects by aaliona
Old Fool by lunalelle
Ombra mai fu, Being the Beginning of the Very True Story of Minerva McGonagall and Elphinstone Urquart by Tetleythesecond
On License by slytherincesss
On My Knees by RZZMG
On the other side of the mirror by leashy_bebes
Once Upon a Samhain by albalark
One All by purplefluffycat
One Kiss, Two Kiss, Slow Kiss, Hot Kiss by Unseenlibrarian
One More by MiHnn
One Puff (But It Never Is Just One) by woldy
Only Once, and Forever by RZZMG
Only You by C.Queen
Only Your Shadow by Mijan
Open Your Eyes by dancingwithrainbows
Operation One-Eighty by jadomil
Out of Order by worksofstone
Out of the Shadows Came a Rose by gingertart
Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting
Outside Looking In by HalfASlug
Over and Under by mihnn
Over By Christmas by inamac
Pains and Contradictions by atypicalsnowman
Pandora's Cauldron by deidre_aithne
Paris is Big and We are Small by holyfant
Passage to Eden by bethos
Paying the Ferryman by queenkerosene
Penfriends by mizsphinx
Perfect Storms by unbroken_halo
Perfectly Broken by severa_snape
Perfectly Normal by MiHnn
Periods of Wakefulness by drinkupretty03
Persuasion by linlawless
Pet Project by caeria
Photograph of a Love Song by remuslives23
Picture Retribution by Eirawen
Pictures by Athenais777
Plastic by yeaka
Play in the Sunshine by romanticalgirl
Plums by frayach
Plus One by maia.maiestas
Poetic License by DelphiPsmith
Poison by atdelphi
Poppet by the_minx_17
Possession by yeaka
Possibly, Maybe by curlee_cue
Post Tenebras, Lux by loten
Postcript by squibstress
Potter, P.I. by alisanne
Power Over Death by Gamma_Orionis/gammaxorionis
Power Speaks to Power by songquake
Powers of Persuasion by mihnn
Pretty Please With a Ginny on Top by rickey_a
Prisoner 5273 by snapefan520
Prisoner of Hope by white_eyebrow
Private and Confidential by mihnn
Private Party by torino10154
Promise by y3llowdaisi3s
Protego by Toujours Padfoot
Proxy by deslea
Pucker up, love by apoorvam77
Pursuing Potter by hereticalvision
Quibbler Exclusive by torino10154
Quidditch for Lovers (Pillow Talk) by khalulu
Quill-It: Chapter 67 - A Destined Love by Celandine
Quill-It: Chapter 70 - Truth Is Stranger by Celandine
Quill-It: Chapter 74 - No Hope by Celandine
Quill-It: Chapter 75 - End of the World by Celandine
Quill-It: Chapter 76 - Assertions by Celandine
ragged by downeyjr
Rapture by mia_ugly
Raven's Honour by kellychambliss
Reading Lessons by mihnn
Red Dreams by albalark
Red by captainraychill
Redeem Me by samayel
Reflections in a Golden Frame by kellychambliss
Reparations by saras_girl
Repeat Offenders by thegildedmagpie
Requiem for a Lost Boy by Lady Tuesday
Resolution by WeasleyWannabee
Resolving a Misunderstanding by MMADfan
Resonant Dissonance by wordsconsumehe
Resonare Mortis by laralee88
Respectable Gentlemen by leigh_adams
Revenge: A Bittersweet Reward by madam_minnie
Rewarded by Sarah1281
Right Here Where You Need Me by Hogwartsowls
Rita-Good by kellychambliss
Romance of the Age by o_mayari
Ronnie Doesn't Know by Blood Brandy
Run Against Time by worrywart1966
Run by deductingthetardis
Running From Lions by tryslora
Salazar's Curse by farad
Salt on the Western Wind by saras_girl
Scars Cover Wounds by pretty_panther/panthe
Scars of Pleasure, Scars of Pain by tryslora
Scenes from a Very Special Friendship by featherxquill
Seasons Change, And So Do We by calrissian18
Second Chances by RZZMG
Serpent's Kiss by Cluegirl
Seven Years and a Day by darkrosefanfics
Shades of Gray by Flaming Moth of Doom
Shame by Aurette
Sharing Different Heartbeats by talithan
Sharps, Sharks and Sheds by Nathaniel Cardeu
Shattered Illusions by angel7
Shattered Ornaments by liliths_requiem
she floated away upon the wind by starduchess
Shell by yeaka
Shelter From The Storm by ragdoll
Shrinking Potions, Silk Scarves, and A Dollhouse by onecelestialbeing
Sigh No More by kalisgirl
Silent Night by rhye
Simply Irresistible by bookworm1993
Sirius and Severus by acatnamedeaster
Sixth Sense by cranky__crocus
Size Matters by rewrites24
Sleep Talking by Bicky Monster
Slow Fire Burn by aliquoricewand
Slytherin Games (Remix of Snakes) by icicle33
Small, But Powerful Moments by RZZMG
Smiles of a Summer Night by kellychambliss
Smothered In Three by ashiiblack
Snipe by Wizards-Pupil
Snitch by Delphi
Snow by corny cloth
Snow in April by faieance
Snow Is Cold; Warm Your Hands on My Skin by teas_me
So Sane It's Driving Me Crazy by tryslora
Something About the Chase by hidinginmybones
Something Good Will Come by deirdre_aithne
Something I Don't Want to Stop by traintracks
Something Less, Something Worse by mihnn
Something Old by The Enigmatic Crow
Something Promising by RZZMG
Something To Live For by ldymusyc/Musyc
Sooner of Later (I Always Get My Man) by songquake
South of Stockholm by ldymusyc/Musyc
Spanking Interrupted by blissed_bess
Spill Your Breakfast, Drip Your Wine by eevilalice
Spiraling by fiery_flamingo
Sport's Day by Northumbrian
SSESSTINA by dunizade
Stakes by yeaka
Standing on the Shoreline by citiesandsigns/tofsla
Starlight by melusinahp
Stay Silent and Mine by tryslora
Steady As She Goes by odogoddess
Steel by mute90
Strange Blessings by secretsalex
Stuck Under the Mistletoe by faithwood
Stunners by kellychambliss
Stutter by secretsalex
Suffer my Children by sylphides
Sugar Wanna Kill Me Yet by traintracks
Summoned by Spells by wemyss
Sun by yeaka
Sunday by yeaka
Sunlight in the Garden by lyras
Sunrise by mihnn
Sweet Afton by baby grand
Sweet Dreams, Charlie by Unseenlibrarian/unseen_1969
Sweet Victory by MariannaMerlo
Swingtime by Bambu
Switch by RZZMG
Tainted by krhviolin
Take What You Want by literaryspel
Taking the Plunge by on_wax
Tales from 6th Year: Revelations in the Potions Classroom by chem prof
Tear it All Away by eriador117
Tensile Strength by eeyore9990
Thank Me Later by dream_BIG
Thanks to Crookshanks by dragoon811
That Which Makes Us Weep by Roozette
The Arrangement by rurounihime
The Art of Insinuation by tamlane
The Awakening by crmediagal
The Bauble by verdeckt
The Beginning of a Journey by roozetter
The Best Exotic Muggle Hotel by therealsnape
The Best Man by The Dauntless Ravenclaw
The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by lettered
The Bracelet by AkashaTheKitty
The Case of the Problematic Pheasant by calrissian18
The Cat's Claws by Miss Morland
The Cellist and His Instrument by deidre_aithne
The Charming Prince by pekeleke
The Chelmsford List by fluffyllama
The Chronos Factor by starduchess
The Circle by pale_moonlite
The Coldest Time by mustntgetmy
The Completely True Report Cards for the Boys of Gryffindor House as told by Professor M McGonagall (1976 Edition) by LVB
The Cottage Next Door by suitesamba
The Cup That Cheers by inamac
The Dangers of Faulty Handwriting by ashindk
The Darkness Takes Me by xonceinadream
The Debut by diadelphous
The Deceit of Delusion by yuzuki_chan
The Deepest Pits of Despair by cadkitten
The Devil's Secretary by frostykitten
The Doggie-Style Days of Summer by torino10154
The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle
The Dream of Immortality by RZZMG
The Electric Fizzing Prick Pistols, or Whatever by whitmans_kiss
The End of Love by with_rhyme
The Essence of Life by cklls
The Essence of Sunset by machshefa/shefa
The Experiment by sabethea
The Fallout by everythursday/Sage
The Fangtasy Lounge by silvernatasha
The Farce by yeghishe
The Favour by RZZMG
The Fifth Gryffindor by mmadfan
The Finer Points of Parvati by csi_tokyo3
The first day of the rest of her life by ningloreth
The Flatmate by attica
The Flower and Willow World by captainraychill
The Forbidden Ship: a collection of completed short stories - KITTEN by NerysDax
The Game by drinkupretty03
The Ghost of Malfoy Manor by writcraft
The Glorious 10th of May by vissy
The Golden Snitch by RZZMG
The Guilded Cage by apollinav
The Haunting of Draco Malfoy by omi_ohmy
The Heart of the Manor by kedavranox
The Herbologist's Apprentice by torino10154
The Hole Truth by bk7brokemybrain
The Illusion of Negative Images by RZZMG
The Importance of a Day by emynn
The Initiate by phloxness
The Interrupted Kiss: A Fairy Tale by emynn
The Intricacies of Ownership by dexstarr
The Ladies of Godric's Hollow by tetleythesecond
The Ladies of Godric's Hollow by Tetleythesecond
The Ladies of Hogwarts by ldymusyc/Musyc
The Land of Memory by therealsnape
The Last Will and Testament of Fred Weasley by Rainremember
The Lost World by perverse_idyll
The Lover's Tale by accioslash
The Malfoy Who Hated Christmas by mihnn
The Master Spy by aurette
The Merman's Concubine by captainraychill
The Ministry's Man by musamihi
The Mistakes We Make by xxx_angelin_xxx
The Moon's Significant Tremble by setissma
The Morning After by Matroushka
The Muggle Way by qtk8ee
The Muggles Have a Word For Them by kellychambliss
The Nearest Thousandth by tamlane
The Night Is A Bridge Between Yesterday And Tomorrow by huldrejenta
The Observer Effect by squibstress
The One True King by SharaLunison
The One Where Snape's Bits Smell Like Cheese by scumblackentropy
The Opposite of Romance by SassyFrassKerr
The Peculiar Resilience of the Refugee by squibstress
The Pensieve Project by curiouslyfic
The Perfect Husband by curlee_cue
The Perfect Present by EpiskeyPM
The Price of Madness by PlaidPooka
The Princess of Gryffindor by aurette
The Real World by isada
The Red Angel by hereticalvision
The Redemption by Tarpeia
The Resurrectionist by Lady of Clunn
The Reverse Method by mihnn
The Road Unplanned by caitriona_3
The Science of It All by provocative envy
The Secret at the Grave by leigh_adams
The Secret Incantation by pauraque
The Shard in the Heart by natt
The Space Between Us by necromanticnoir
The Stray by Kinky_Kneazle
The Survivors by lyras
The Tadger Tax by sunnythirty3
The Task At Hand by songquake
The Temptation of Miss Potter by Rumaan
The Tender Things by tryslora
The Thing About Travelling by tetleythesecond
The Things We Do by fluffyllama
The Tie That Binds by laralee88
the tired sunset of our fettered grace by Clarise Waters
The Toil of the Just by sarablade
The Training of a Weasley by Lilith Connor/amberfox17
The Twelve Days of Draco by birdsofshore
The Ugly Duckling by icmezzo
The Waiting Game by scarletladyy
The Way Down by lettered
Thee and Thy Treasures by smayc
Then and Now by writcraft
There Is Nothing More Satisfying by scarletladyy
These Stolen Lights by MiHnn
These Walls Stand Silent by celestineangel
They Did It Better by Sunflower
They Do Things Differently There by cleodoxa
Thicker Than Water by noxiaa
Things Are Gonna Get Brighter by katmarajade
Things Needful by kellychambliss
This One Goes Out To The One I Love by crazyparakiss
This Time Around by Disneydoll0424
This Year's Model by ragdoll
Three Firsts and One Forever by suitesamba
Three Parts of a Whole by opalish
Three Turns Through Darkness by Worksofstone
Three Weeks at Malfoy Manor by Snakequeen-in-Norway
Through Nightmares, Dreams Are Realised by ShinigamiPhoenix
Tick Tock by fireflavored
Tidings of Comfort by avidbeader
Time Can Be Rewritten by Cheeky Slytherin Lass
Time Is A Fine Invention by bluepeony
Time On His Side by kinky_kneazle
Tired by Instant of Insanity
To Be A Captive by gamma_x_orionis
To Be Back Again in the Rest of the Room by lamerezouille
To Remember and Obey by ldymusyc/Musyc
To Some A Gift by kellychambliss
To Touch, To Try by mihnn
Today by tmblue
Told In the Wrong Order by HalfCrazedPrince
Tonight We're Gonna Party (Like It's 1999) by ragdoll
Too Much Trouble by Evaseawynd
Tots and Toys by dracogotgame
Transcendant Quality of Remembrance by Subversa
Transformative Images by quill_lumos
Triple Viktory by pern_dragon
Triptych by kellychambliss
Triptych on the Sword of Ragnuk by pauraque
Troika by selmak
Trust by starduchess
Turn by saras_girl
Turncoat by elizaye
Twister by RZZMG
Twitterpated by dormiens
Two Hearts Divided by islandsmoke
Two Rivers to Each Other Run: #5 - If I Never Knew You by theheadgirl
Unanswered by Kyra4
Under the Floorboards by yeaka
Unhook the Stars by jad
Unity by Hesaluti
Utterly Barbaric by weatherwings
Valid Reasons by mihnn
Veelantine Surprise by Unseenlibrarian/unseen_1969
Vestige by Extrinsical
Vows by attic
Walking the Monochrome by emilywaters76
War Widow by sticknsnitches
Warwick Avenue by xXfireXx
Wash It Clean by darkrosefanfics
Watching by Nutmeg44
Way of the Warriors by LadyVisionary
We Change the Nature of Things by Dueltastic
We Learned the Sea by luckei1/floorcoaster
Well Trained by tryslora
Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams by lomonaaeren
what if the storm ends? by elle_blessing
What We Thought We Knew by thusspakekate
What's Cooking by cathouse_mary/chaos_rose
When All That's Lost Remains by magic_knickers
When I Waked, I Cried to Dream Again by squibstress
When in Stockholm by auntlynnie
When It Alteration Finds by traintracks
When Stars Align by mihnn
When the Magic Stops Working by tryslora
When the Songbird Stopped Singing by Nherizu
When The Stars Are The Only Things We Share by highway-mondays
When They Ask You Why by HedwigBlack
Where Your Treasure Is by zeegrindylows
Wherein Scorpius Ascertains His Sexuality by nerakrose
Whispers No One Else Could Hear by AshleysTheNamee
Whose Was That Gentle Voice? by writcraft
Will You Be My Friend? by captainraychill
Wind and Waves by HeroOfTheCastleOfMarble
Wind You Up by literaryspell
With Careful Magic Caught Inside by of_anoesis
Wither by xThe Painted Lady
Within Temptation: Bittersweet by Silverneko9lives0
Within the Wilderness, an Orchid Blooms by georgesgurl117
Within These Walls by sara_holmes
Without a Piece of Your Heart by snarkyscorp
Without Fear by remuslives23
Witness by kellychambliss
Women Who Don't Wear Knickers… by Elle_Blessing
Written in the Stars by torino10154
Ye Gentlewizard's Guide to Courtshippe & Metrimonie by gingertart50
Yet Here You Stand (A Snarry Novella) by sarkysue
You Can Have My Everything by white_serpent
You Get What You Pay For by naturegirlrocks
You Hold Him in the Palm of Your Hand by tryslora
You Made Me Love You by strawberry_kait
You May Be A Sinner (But Your Innocence Is All Mine) by Elle_Blessing
You Want Me To Do What? by jamesandlilypotter81
Your Eyes by ravenpan
You've Got the Right Stuff, Baby by tamlane
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