HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

Fall/Winter 2013 Round - NOMINATIONS OPEN!

NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN! Feel free to submit your nominations for this Round. Please remember the following changes (as previously announced):

1. Nominations period: Tuesday, October 1st (12:01am PST) to Monday, October 28th (11:59pm PST).

2. The only fanfics that qualify for this Round’s Nomination period must have beencompleted (the final chapter posted) between October 29th, 2012 - October 28th, 2013. No Works-In-Progress (WIPs) or Abandoned fics. THE SOLE EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE: The 'Best Legacy Story' Category (see #5 below for details).

3. Your nominated stories cannot have been previously nominated for any Round of this award ceremony (see a list of previously nominated stories here). THE SOLE EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE: The 'Best Legacy Story' Category (see #5 below for details).

4. The only stories that can be submitted for Nomination for the Fall/Winter 2013 Round are from the following Groups/relationships (ships):

  • Drarry (Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter)

  • Romione (Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger)

  • Jily (James Potter x Lily Evans)

  • Snarry (Severus Snape x Harry Potter)

  • Hinny (Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley)

  • Snermione (Severus Snape x Hermione Granger)

  • Harron (Harry Potter x Ron Weasley)

  • Sirius Black x anyone

  • Lucius Malfoy x anyone

  • NextGen Cross-gen (any canon NextGen character x anyone not of their same generation; Weasleycest/Tom Riddle Jr./Voldemort/Minerva McGonagall/Sirius Black/Lucius Malfoy stories not allowed for this group, as those characters have their own Groups - read the list of generations here)

  • Rare Pairs (any other couple not listed as their own Category in either Round - for example: Harry x Seamus, Lupin x Hermione, Narcissa x Rose, Pansy x Ginny, Luna x Rolf, Ron x Fleur, Draco x Neville, Bill x Lavender, Charlie x Victoire, Teddy x James II, etc.; no NextGen Cross-gen/Weasleycest/Tom Riddle Jr./Voldemort/Minerva McGonagall/Sirius Black/Lucius Malfoy/Hogwarts Founders stories allowed for this group, as those characters have their own Groups)

5. The Categories to Nominate stories under are:

  • Best Drabble (a ficlet of 500 words or less)

  • Best Drama-Angst Fic (any size)

  • Best Dark Fic (any size - see the definition for what qualifies as 'dark' material here [scroll down to find])

  • Best Comedy (any size)

  • Best Romance (any size)

  • Best Het Smut (any size, only for a heterosexual couple - Romione, Jily, Hinny, Snermione, Sirius Black x any female, Lucius Malfoy x any female, NextGen Cross-gen any male x any female, Rare Pairs any male x any female)

  • Best Slash Smut (any size, one for male a homosexual couple - Drarry, Snarry, Harron, Sirius Black x any male, Lucius Malfoy x any male, NextGen Cross-gen any male x any male, Rare Pairs any male x any male)

  • Best Femmeslash Smut (any size, only for a lesbian couple - NextGen Cross-gen any female x any female, Rare Pairs any female x any female)

  • Best Threesome/Moresome (any size, for het/slash/femmeslash action involvingthree+ people at the same time involved in the sexual situation - Drarry x any males or females together, Romione x any males or females together, Jily xany males or females together, Snarry x any males or females together, Hinnyx any males or females together, Snermione x any males or females together, Harron x any males or females together, Sirius Black x any males or females together, Lucius Malfoy x any males or females together, NextGen Cross-genany males or females together, Rare Pairs any males or females together)

  • Best A/U (any size)

  • Best Legacy Story (any size - any story that was completed at any point between 1997-current. This Category is supposed to represent the story which is your most favorite story for that ship for all time. We've decided that it CAN be a story previously nominated in other Rounds of this awards ceremony.)

6. Fanfiction only - no other medium considered for these awards.

7. You can only nominate 1 STORY per CATEGORY per SHIP. A story CAN be nominated in multiple Categories (in other words, the same story can be nominated for Best Romance, Best Smut, and Best Comedy, for instance, if you want), but you only get to fill the slot for that Category with ONE nomination. If you need examples, please see this post (scroll down).



Copy the html code for the Group/Ship you're interested in below, and paste it/fill in the information as a COMMENT TO THIS POST BELOW.

NOMINATION CODE FOR DRARRY (Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter) Fics

NOMINATION CODE FOR ROMIONE (Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger) Fics

NOMINATION CODE FOR JILY (James Potter x Lily Evans) Fics

NOMINATION CODE FOR SNARRY (Severus Snape x Harry Potter) Fics

NOMINATION CODE FOR HINNY (Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley) Fics

NOMINATION CODE FOR SNERMIONE (Severus Snape x Hermione Granger) Fics

NOMINATION CODE FOR HARRON (Harry Potter x Ron Weasley) Fics



NOMINATION CODE FOR NEXTGEN CROSS-GEN (any NextGen character x someone not of their same generation) Fics


**NOTE: You do not have to nominate a story for every Ship or Category, nor do you have to send all of your nominations in at one time. You can nominate stories for only the Ships and Categories you want, and you can send in your nominations piecemeal (for example: you can send in Best Legacy Story, Best Het Smut, and Best Drabble for Snarry today, and tomorrow you can send in Best Comedy for Snarry or for Sirius Black x anyone, and next week you can send in Best Dark Fic for Snarry or NextGen Cross-Gen, etc.).

See examples of how to nominate stories here if you have any questions (scroll down the page).

Sorry, I started to leave nominations last night and ran into a definition snag. How do you define AU? Is it supposed to be a completely different universe/reality? Or can it be the type of fic where the world and characters are exactly as we know them, but one thing is changed and the plot goes off in a different direction from canon?
Good question. Let me pose it to the others on committee and see what we come up with. I'll get back to you.

- Melissa
Definition of A/U
The committee discussed it and decided that an Alternate Universe is any story that deviates from canon. Here were the guidelines we can up with:

1. A story where major characters in the fic were never born, or their characters are significantly changed from the novels, or whose actions in the fic change the outcome of the novels.

Like Merope Gaunt has an abortion and never has Tom, or Harry never went into the forest to face Voldemort but runs away instead, or Sirius is killed by the Ministry when he's captured, or Lily Evans marries Severus and not James, or Neville is a Squib, or Draco is turned into a veela at age 16 and can't get the dark mark, or Ron gives into the horcrux locket and kills Harry & Hermione, or Voldemort kills Harry, or Cedric never touches the Goblet of Fire, or Dobby was never a free elf and can't help Harry or disobey the Malfoys, or Dumbledore lost the duel with Grindewald, or Salazar Slytherin murdered Helga Hufflepuff and was kicked out of Hogwarts and his house banned forever.

2. A story involving the HP cast set in a different time period.

Like Victorian London, Medieval Germany, Ancient Greece, the year 2180.

3. The HP cast set in a different world completely.

Like a world without magic at all, or a trip through Wonderland, or a scenario where everyone meets during WW2 and are holocaust survivors, or a story where Hogwarts was never founded and everyone goes to Durmstrang and Beauxbatons instead, or a story that is a crossover (these fics cannot feature any non-HP characters in major roles in the fic. If you want Harry to play Luke Skywalker in your alternate world scenario, everyone character he runs across must be HP characters established as Star Wars characters, too. So Hermione would be Leia, Ron would be Han Solo, Neville would be C3PO, yadda yadda. You can follow the same plot as Star Wars, or alter it as you want, but the characters must be HP characters).

4. A story that changes the Epilogue.

Like Harry's in a gay relationship with Draco and never married Ginny or had children, or Hermione and Ron divorced and aren't on good terms, or Scorpius Malfoy was never born, or Teddy Lupin died in a childhood car accident.

5. Head canon that follows the time line and events that happen in the novels is not considered A/U for this contest.
If we want to nominate in stages, do we come back and edit our comment and fill in more items, or do we post as a separate comment?
Pimping on grangersnape100 a SS/HG ship drabble community.
Re: nominations
You leave your nominations as a comment in the Nomination post or you can PM them to me here at hpfanficfanpoll.
Soooo,is anybody allowed to comment with the nominations?Or do we have to watch the community?!
Anyone can nominate. You don't have to friend this blog to do so, but it might help you to keep up on updates if you do friend us.