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How to Vote for a Fanfic

HOW VOTING WORKS - Rules & Procedures

Please read these rules carefully before submitting your nominations!

Voting on the nominees that were accepted during the Nomination period commences during the second and third month of the Round.

Stories will be listed on the site for voting in the following manner:


·   Story Name (they will be listed in alphabetical order), Author Name, Story Rating, Story Theme, Main Characters (we will include the top three character names in the fic)

Be aware of the story rating before clicking links, as we will not be providing any other warnings. A general understanding of ratings is as follows (compiled from several fanfiction sites across the net to give you a basic understanding):

·G (K)  Only safe for general audiences over the age of 5 years. These submissions do not contain any adult themes such as violence, profanity, and/or sexual content.

·PG (K+, PT)  Only safe for audiences over the age of 10 years. These submissions may contain minimal profanity, and minor action violence without serious injury. These submissions may not contain descriptive violence, descriptive language for sexual body parts, implicit or explicit sex scenes, or profanity that involves the "F-word".

·PG-13 (T)  Only safe for audiences over the age of 13 years. These submissions may contain some non-graphic violence, minor suggestive adult themes (kissing, witnessing someone drinking/smoking/doing drugs, death), minor descriptive language for sexual body parts, and minor profanity (the “F-word” can only appear once, if allowed at all).

·PG-15 (MT)  Only safe for audiences over the age of 15 years. These submissions may contain moderate, non-graphic violence, medium suggestive adult themes (witnessing someone having sex, experimenting for first time with smoking/alcohol, light making out/snogging), and moderate profanity (the “F-word” may appear a total of five times, if at all).

·R (M)  Only safe for audiences over the age of 16 years. These submissions may contain graphic violence (medium descriptive injury, death scenes), implicit sex scenes, suggestive adult themes (smoking, alcohol drinking, drug use), and profanity.

·NC-17 (MA)  Only safe for audiences over the age of 18 years. These submissions may contain explicitly graphic violence (including gore), explicit sex scenes (anything goes), and explicit profanity (anything goes).

Voting participation is open to everyone who has not been previously banned by the site.

We ask that you please don’t vote for a story just because you’re loyal to a certain author or story. Be fair and give your attention to all of the stories in a particular Category, and then go vote.

At the end of the voting period, votes that have beat the deadline are tallied. The stories are then ranked according to the number of votes cast per each unique email address.


  1. Voting will be open at Midnight, Pacific Standard (San Francisco) Time on the 1st of February, May, August, and November, respectively.
  2. Voting will close on Midnight, Pacific Standard (San Francisco) Time on the last day of March, June, September, and December, respectively. 
  3. Vote for your First, Second, and Third Place in each Category. You don’t have to vote for every single Category, but we’d sure like it if you did so. However, in the Categories that you do want to vote in, you must choose your top three choices.
  4. You may not vote for your own stories if you were nominated. You can, however, vote for other stories in a Category that you have been nominated in, if you wish to show support for your fellow authors and recognize their writing genius.
  5. You can vote for an author in multiple Categories, if you liked their stories well enough, and thought the stories deserved the Category nod.
  6. Only a completed voting form (see below for the template) will be considered. Do not leave any information blank on your voting form, or your votes will be rejected.
  7. No anonymous votes can be taken. 
  8. If there is a problem with a submitted vote, and the person who voted does not return our contact emails before a particular Voting period closes, the Mods will not count those votes.
  9. Once the Voting period is closed, no more votes will be accepted for that Round. No exceptions.
  10. Voters caught cheating (voting for their own fics, ballot stuffing - voting for the same fanfic in the same Category from different email addresses, encouraging others to vote for them specifically) will have their votes nullified from that Round and, and they will be banned from participating in the event again - THAT INCLUDES ACCEPTING THEIR OWN FANFIC FOR NOMINATIONS BY OTHERS IN THE FUTURE. We frown upon liars and cheats, and don’t want them to be a part of our community.


You must completely fill out the following information and email it to us here through LJ or to our home email address (hpfanficfanpollmod at gmail dot com).

<b>Your email address:</b>

<b>Your LJ alias (if you have one):</b>

<b>Category You’re Voting For:</b>

<b>TOP CHOICE – FIRST PLACE (story name):</b>

<b>SECOND PLACE (story name):</b>

<b>THIRD PLACE (story name):</b>

Only fully filled-out information will be accepted.

We will contact anyone who sends a vote that is not complete and offer you the opportunity to correct the mistakes and resubmit it. If you do not resubmit the vote with all of the correct information required before the voting period is over, your votes will be rejected.

Mods will tally up the votes as they come in. Top favorite (1st Place) votes get 3 points each, 2nd favorite (2nd Place) votes get 2 points, and 3rd favorite (3rd Place) votes get 1 point each. In case of a tie, the fic with the most "top favorite" votes wins.

Winners will be announced by the 15th of April (for the Spring Round), July (for the Summer Round), October (for the Fall Round), and January (for the Winter Round).

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