HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

About Us


The HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards began at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010 as a panel discussing “Harry Potter” fanfiction, and its impact on the fandom and the franchise. Attendees signed-up if they showed interest in rating the best that this series has to offer after the con had ended, and from that grew the idea of creating a small Yahoo Group for the task. We had 56 voting participants for our first “vote” held in January, 2011 for fics written for the Winter, 2010. Since then, we’ve held four “rounds” amongst ourselves, with the number of voting participants growing and shrinking as time progressed.

During the last “round” held (Fall, 2011), it was decided we should open the idea up to the HP community at large, rather than keep it confined to the select few who attended the “HP” and fanfic panels at conventions. After much debate, we’ve only just come up with an idea that can be both fair, as well as limit the amount of work that voters and staff have to do.

We want to use these fan awards to reward those of you who have toiled hard to create a masterpiece, so we hope you’ll consider participating. Let’s keep “Harry Potter” fanfiction rolling for many more years to come!