HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards


   Here are the winners for the Spring 2012 Round!    

Congratulations to all who participated - writers, nominators, and voters! This was a tremendous turn-out for our first "live" ceremony, and we're thankful to all who helped to make it such a great event. Special thanks goes to Committee members for helping to tally all of the nominations & votes and work on the banners. More special thanks goes out to those who kindly helped make the banner templates for us when we asked for their help (you know who you are!). 

**There are banners for nominated stories that didn't win, too. All authors - see the bottom of this page for those links, so you can claim your special nomination banners!

***Some of the banners below are NOT WORK-SAFE for viewing. View with discretion.

Without further ado...


Author Names "A" - "C"
Author Names "D" - "F"
Author Names "G" - "K"
Author Names "L" - "O"
Author Names "P" - "R"
Author Names "S" - "T"
Author Names "U" - "Z"

Please email us if there are problems with viewing your banners, or with spellings, etc. 
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